Bridging Frameworks with Expertise and Innovation

We ensure the world’s leading architecture frameworks are not just adopted but fully integrated to meet your unique business needs.

Transform Standards into Strategic Assets

Navigating the myriad of industry standards—from TOGAF to TM Forum ODA, and ArchiMate to SysML—requires and demands strategic integration. Our expertise lies in leveraging industry standards and frameworks to address your specific challenges. We’ll leverage and convert theoretical best practices into operational excellence and strategic business assets for innovation and growth.

Unifying Practice Areas

Our consultancy excels in integrating architecture standards with your unique business needs. Our holistic approach spans from Business Architecture to Software Development, delivering specialized expertise to address your challenges effectively.
The modern business requires aligning your strategy with operations and technology is crucial for achieving competitive advantage. Our Business Architecture solutions offer a strategic roadmap, ensuring every facet of your organization works in harmony towards common goals. We bridge the gap between ambition and reality, transforming strategic vision into actionable outcomes.
Our Enterprise Architecture services are designed to establish a cohesive and flexible framework that underpins your organizational objectives. By harmonizing technology with business goals, we create resilient structures that not only support current operations but also anticipate future needs, ensuring sustainable growth and agility in a rapidly evolving market.
The defense sector demands solutions that adhere to the highest standards of compliance and operational efficiency. We specialize in Defense Architecture, delivering bespoke solutions that meet these rigorous requirements. Our approach ensures that defense organizations can achieve mission- critical objectives while maintaining strict adherence to industry standards and regulations.
Our Digital Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) services embrace the future of engineering. By leveraging state-of-the-art model-based methodologies, we streamline complex engineering processes, enhance collaboration, and improve outcomes. Our approach reduces time-to- market, fosters innovation, and ensures the delivery of high-quality engineering solutions.
Our Information/Data Modeling services provide the foundation for unlocking the value of your data assets. By structuring data in a way that enhances clarity and compliance, we empower organizations to make strategic decisions confidently, backed by accurate and actionable insights. Data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making and is the foundation your company is built.
Maximize efficiency and innovation with our Business Process Management solutions. We specialize in optimizing and automating your business processes to achieve peak operational efficiency. By identifying bottlenecks and streamlining workflows, we help you reduce costs, enhance productivity, and deliver superior value to your customers.
The success of any project hinges on a clear understanding and management of its requirements. Our Requirements Management services ensure that every project need is accurately captured, understood, and addressed. This meticulous approach guarantees that projects are delivered on spec, on time, and on budget, meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations.
Implementing the right technology solutions is key to driving business value. Our Solution Delivery services focus on deploying technology solutions that are precisely aligned with your business goals. From concept to completion, we ensure seamless integration and operational excellence, delivering tangible results that propel your business forward.
Custom software solutions can offer unparalleled advantages to businesses looking to stand out in their industry. Our Software Development Consulting service guides you through the complexities of custom software projects. From strategy and design to technology selection and project oversight, we ensure your initiatives align with business goals. Leveraging deep industry insights, we help you navigate the software development lifecycle, ensuring your solutions are innovative, efficient, and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our integrated approach ensures that your organization can navigate the complexities of adopting and implementing various standards and frameworks. We understand that no single standard provides all the answers.

That’s why we specialize in integrating elements from TOGAF®, BIZBOK®, UML®, SysML®, ArchiMate®, BPMN™, ITIL®, PMBOK®, SAFe®, BABOK®, IT4IT™, TM Forum ODA, DoDAF, UAF® and other standards to create a tailored, comprehensive solution that addresses your specific challenges.

Tailored Services Across Practice Areas

Our services cut across all practice areas, delivering consistent value and expertise no matter the discipline. We understand that effective solutions require more than just strategic implementation; they need ongoing support and governance to truly transform your organization.

Process Improvement

Quick assessments lead to customized roadmaps for organizational evolution, focusing on integration and common language through metamodel development.

Tool Adoption

Comprehensive support through the tool Acquisition, Integration, Configuration and Deployment


Targeted training on frameworks, standards, and tools to empower your team for excellence.


Direct guidance and solutions to fast-track your transformation efforts.


Real-world application of standards and tools with our expert guidance to ensure effective adoption.


Ensuring your practices and tools are compliant and aligned with industry standards for sustained organizational growth.

Our specialized tools and training programs are crafted to enhance your modeling capabilities and streamline your processes. Our resources are designed to empower your architecture and integration strategies.

Elevate your enterprise architecture and drive innovation within your organization.

BIZBOK Integration and Training

Unlock the full potential of Business Architecture with our BIZBOK solutions. As the discipline’s importance grows, leverage our comprehensive BIZBOK modeling tools, training, and consulting services to align with best practices. Our BIZBOK MDG Add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect enhances your ability to model across all BIZBOK domains, ensuring complete business architecture coverage. Elevate your team’s skills with our accredited BIZBOK Certification Course, designed to integrate BIZBOK’s rich framework into your organizational context for maximum business value.

REST API Modeling with Sparx Enterprise Architect

Streamline your API-led integration strategy with our REST API 2.0 MDG Tech for Sparx Enterprise Architect. This add-in simplifies the modeling of Swagger/Open API 2.0 services and JSON Schemas, facilitating a UML-based approach to manage APIs within your architecture models. Enhance solution development by aligning APIs across your enterprise, enabling effective application integration and laying the groundwork for a model-based API management approach.

Armstrong Process Group's MBSE Training & Consulting

Transform Systems Engineering with Expert-Led MBSE Solutions. With APG's MBSE training and consulting, you're not just adopting a new methodology; you're setting your projects and team up for success.

About Chris Armstrong

For over twenty five years, the landscape of business and enterprise architecture has been profoundly shaped by the contributions of APG and its leader, Chris Armstrong.

Armstrong’s foresight and expertise have been pivotal in advancing the field, with his active roles in The Open Group, Object Management Group, Business Architecture Guild, and TM Forum driving the progress of architecture and modeling standards. Certified in leading frameworks like TOGAF, ArchiMate, IT4IT, Open FAIR, UML, and SysML, Chris Armstrong merges deep theoretical insights with pragmatic, practical experience. This fusion not only guides organizations through their digital transformation journeys but also cements innovation at the heart of their strategic expansion.

Armstrong’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation uniquely positions him to help organizations navigate their business and technology challenges with confidence.

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